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Large Pickup Trucks

November 2, 2008

Large, oversized pickup trucks are hotcommodities in redneck communities. This is mostly due to two  pickup trucks is that a huge truck implies that you haul something where you work, often heavy equipment or material.  Since rednecks need to appear manly and rugged, this connection between cargo space and manliness incites a redneck to buy a truck.  Furthermore, since the more space you have the more masculine you are, rednecks feel the need to buy the largest vehicles with a tailgate on the market.  It is also accepted practice to paint a confederate flag in the back window of your pickup truck to portray your values to the person driving behind you, even though it may obstruct your vision and cause a fatal crash.  Keeping a healthy coating of dirt on your truck also enhances the effect of a hard labor occupation and the idea that you’re too busy building schools, baling hay, and towing heavy machinery to wash your truck.  Needless to say, rednecks pride themselves on having the biggest vehicle possible.

A typical size redneck truck

A typical size redneck truck

reasons.Rednecks believe that if you buy an American-made truck, you support America,and rednecks love patriotism. While rednecks love trucks, they hate Toyotatrucks since it sounds foreign and is hard to pronounce. To be accepted byrednecks, your truck must be Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge (longstanding Americanbrands). Trucks instill rednecks with pride that they live in a nation whereyou can drive a vehicle that has a 25 gallon tank, and three miles to thegallon. The second reason that rednecks like