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November 2, 2008

NASCAR is very popular among rednecks.  In a sport where “athletes” who are predominantly white, like most

NASCAR athletes have many skills including will, concentration, and iron bladders.

NASCAR athletes have many skills including will, concentration, and iron bladders.

rednecks, compete by driving in a circle for approximately three to four hours.  This makes the event easy to follow, which rednecks love knowing that at any sporting event, including NASCAR, the average alcohol consumption of the typical redneck nearly triples (see Alcohol).  It is also important to note that a large focus of NASCAR is the vehicles themselves, which are often shown before the race.  These supercharged engines and sleek bodies are visually and intrinsically appreciated by rednecks and allows a certain degree of connection between a redneck fan and the sport.  It is also interesting that the most prominent drivers have the largest fan base.  Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. enjoy some of the largest fan bases in NASCAR because they win, and rednecks love winners.  NASCAR is famous for selling every square inch of each car as advertising space, and while most players can be recognized by the number on his or her jersey, a driver of NASCAR can be most easily picked out by the primary sponsor of his car.  For instance, Jeff Gordon has always driven his iconic DuPont car, or Jimmie Johnson is easily picked out by the giant Lowe’s logo on his car, his suit, and his helmet.  These large draping corporate logos remind rednecks of American business, and assist to associate these companies with winning, which rednecks love.  Essentially, rednecks love NASCAR for the common ground they share between athletes, high powered cars, and simplicity.