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November 2, 2008

Guns are a focal point in a redneck’s identity.  For one, it shows that a redneck is patriotic and rugged at the same time.  Since the right to bear arms is written explicitly in the constitution as the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights, it is considered patriotic to exercise your rights as an American citizen and purchase as many guns as possible.  Rednecks also like to have guns as it instills within them a sense of strength and pride.  Should any danger come to their home, they will be waiting with a barrel full of lead.    While guns may not ever be employed in self defense from any foreign invader, it is considered impolite to question as to why anyone would need more than six guns.  If

Ted Nugent addresses the National Rifle Association

Ted Nugent addresses the National Rifle Association

asked how many guns you have, a sound answer approximates to around two per man in the household.  For example, if you have a family of four with two sons, six or more guns is the appropriate amount, although more is generally encouraged.  Guns also accommodate for a great redneck pastime, hunting.  Hunting, like a lot of redneck activities, allows rednecks to showcase their manliness by putting food on the table (in this case, a fresh bloody deer carcass).  Hunting is always an excellent conversation starter when approached by a redneck.  Statements such as, “So where do you go to hunt?” or “Season’s almost here, hopefully I do as well as last year,” are sure-fire ways to initiate a conversation and possibly be invited in to admire a spread on a buck from last year or sample some jerky.